Project Overview

Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation (VBPR) is part of a strategic, mutually beneficial partnership with HRSD that brought exciting changes to Woodstock Park! This $32 million groundbreaking program delivered a multi-use facility that serves both Virginia Beach's community needs and the region's infrastructure demands. 

By combining these facilities, HRSD fulfilled its regulatory commitments and VBPR improved a popular recreational facility sooner for residents and community members.

Woodstock Skate Park Improvement Project Video
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​During this two-year project, HRSD and Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation renovated Woodstock Park, including the pavilions, parking, park restroom, and playground and built a cutting-edge skate facility for all skill levels on top of a 5.2 million gallon offline wet weather storage tank

Building an underground tank in this area of Virginia Beach allows HRSD to safely hold excess wastewater and rain/groundwater in the system until elevated conditions in the sewer system subside. The partnership also allowed VBPR to carry out significant park renovations simultaneously and share the costs with HRSD, ultimately saving taxpayer dollars.

HRSD's Woodstock Park Wet Weather Storage Tank
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