FLOW's mission is to provide engaging hands-on outdoor experiences for youth in under-represented communities of Virginia Beach to foster their understanding and appreciation of nature through a series of field trip experiences that incorporate nature-centric activities and excursions led by partnering organizations.

After participating in the FLOW series of activities, youth will:

  • Feel more comfortable in natural spaces than when they first started the program.

  • Know how to prepare for spending a day outdoors (i.e. what to wear and bring).

  • Know how to use binoculars to observe birds and other wildlife.

  • Be able to recognize and name at least seven common species of birds and other wildlife found in the local area.

  • Understand the connection between our local waterways and the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Know places in the local area where they can participate in future nature exploration.

  • Be familiar with future careers in the field of natural resources and the environment.

  • Understand the ethics of responsible wildlife-centric recreation and the related leave-no-trace principles.

Donate to FLOW

Donations will be used to purchase equipment for the program (binoculars, field guides, backpacks, tablets for engagement, etc.) and materials for participants (field notebooks, hats, etc.).

Partner Agencies & Organizations

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