All programs offered by Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation encourage participation by a diverse population, accommodate those with varying abilities, and support diverse learning styles. When participants require additional support, our Inclusion Specialists develop accommodation plans and provide other assistance as appropriate.​

Our Services

We offer reasonable accommodations to enable an individual's successful participation in our programs and services. To access this service, complete an​ Inclusion, Accommodation & Special Needs Request Form​ and email it to​. Once the request is received, an Inclusion Specialist will call you to obtain additional information and begin the process.

Inclusion, Accommodation & Special Needs Request Form

Is an accommodation required to participate in a program?

No, federal law prohibits us from demanding that you submit a request; however, it is important to realize that all participants (no matter what their abilities) are required to meet the minimum participation guidelines and desired behavior expectations of a program (check with the program’s supervisor to see what these are). An accommodation assists staff in creating an environment where the participant can have a successful and enjoyable recreation experience.

What are some common accommodations?

  • ​Use of adapted equipment
  • Adaptations to program games / activities
  • Behavior management charts / individualized techniques
  • Use of visual aids
  • Partial participation

​Do you provide a one-to-one staff?

No, this is not a therapeutic environment – depending on the program or situation, Parks & Recreation may add a staff above ratio to ensure that all participant’s needs are being met. Program and participant safety is our main concern.


  • ​To provide services to the City’s diverse communities by assuring accessibility for all residents to quality programs, public spaces, and parks.
  • Increase social capital by connecting residents to their communities through shared investment in the creation and delivery of positive developmental experiences.
  • Support internal and external customers through consultation, bridging resources, promoting universal programming, inclusivity, youth development, and utilizing volunteers.