Through this unique program, your civic league, local business, or organization can partner with Virginia Beach and the Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation Foundation to improve a city-owned park. Your project's donors can receive charitable gift receipts through the Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation Foundation​, a nonprofit organization.

It's a win-win! You help to raise the funds, the Foundation establishes a specific account for receiving and holding donations for the project, and your favorite park is improved.​

Identify Enhancements for a Park

Which city-owned park is of interest to your organization? What shelters, playground equipment, or other capital improvements would you or your organization be soliciting funds for? Use the interest form below​​ to document the basic plan you are proposing.

Sha​re the Details of Your Plan

Once you have submitted the basic plan, staff from Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation will set up a meeting with you and the Foundation to review design standards, discuss feasibility and potential maintenance impacts, and review budgets, your capital campaign, and timelines.

Conduct Your Capital Campaign

After approval, the Foundation will establish a specific account for receiving and holding donations for your specific project. This means that your donors can receive gift receipts through the Foundation's nonprofit status. The Foundation will provide periodic reports to your organization about the number of funds raised and other information about donations.

Enjoy the New Park Amenities

Upon the successful completion of your capital campaign, Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation will coordinate the design, bidding, and actual construction. Once your project is completed, your organization will be recognized at the park to celebrate the success of your endeavors.