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  • Dog Parks

    Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation welcomes our 4-legged friends to enjoy our beautiful dog parks. See below for locations, Dog Park Dos and Don'ts, amenities, city ordinances, FAQs, and more.

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    Pup-Up Events

    Let those dogs out for a tail-waggin' good time at our next Pup-Up. The pop-up event features music, concessions, giveaways, and the Parks & Rec mascot, Barks, and his buddy, Rex. Follow us on Facebook to know when & where they're happening! Follow us on Facebook to know when & where they're happening!

    Celebrating dogs at our Pup Up Dog Park Events
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    Bayville Farms Park

    4132 First Court Road
    3 separate fenced areas for small and large dogs.

    Marshview Park

    120 Marshview Drive
    4 separate fenced areas that include trees for cover.

    Red Wing Park

    1398 General Booth Blvd
    1 acre with two separate fenced-in areas.

    Salem Woods Park

    1525 Salem Road
    1.72-acre dog park that includes trees for cover divided into two sections to accommodate both small and large dogs on both sides to play together.

    Woodstock Park

    5709 Providence Road
    1 acre with two separate fenced-in areas.

    Using the Parks

    When dog owners follow the guidelines, everyone’s enjoyment of the dog parks is enhanced. Let's work together to preserve space for both our dogs and our citizens.

    Doggie Do's

    • Scoop the poop and keep the area clean.
    • License and immunize your dogs. A collar with proper identification should be worn by your dogs at all times.
    • Keep an eye on your dog(s).
    • Avoid dog fights. If a fight breaks out, pull the dogs apart from the back.
    • Remove barking or uncontrollable dogs .
    • Remove your dogs immediately at the first sign of aggressive behavior toward people or other dogs.
    • Do put a leash on your dog if outside the park.
    • Do report all dog bites to Police Animal Control at (757) 385-5000.

    Doggie Don'ts

    • Don't bring puppies under four months into the park.
    • Don't bring dogs that are sick or female dogs in heat into the park.
    • Don't let your dogs dig holes in the park. If your dog does dig, fill the holes immediately.
    • Don't leave your dogs unattended in the park.
    • Don't bring children under 8 years old into the park.
    • Don't feed your dogs in the park.
    • Don't bring any food into the dog park.
    • Don't remove the leash until you have entered the dog park.

    City Ordinances