• ​Three large picnic shelters with charcoal grills
  • Three small shelters
  • Playground
  • One tennis court & two pickleball courts
  • Dog park
  • Vending machines
  • Skate plaza​
  • Public restrooms

Shelter Reservations​

For shelter reservations, please call (757) 385-PARK (7275).

Skate Park

​Final Design Details

Virginia Beach is home to beginner, intermediate, and professional-level skateboarders and bike riders who are passionate about their sport.  The community's input was crucial in the development of this skate park, which began construction in September 2020.

As you enter from the parking lot into the main entrance, the skate park experience begins on the lower level of this 30,000-square-foot skate park. This level features a well-rounded mix of transitional and street elements. 

The street course area contains features like custom ledges, rails, hips, wall rides, an A-frame ledge, and a long-curved transition wall catering to all skill levels and disciplines of riders. This area is highly visible and includes shade structures for viewing and resting, as well as native plantings. 

You can also access the back area of this level and the upper-level street course using the connector sidewalk, without crossing the rideable area and interrupting the users. This area includes shaded viewing spots and features an intermediate to high-level rail, stair sets, a quarter pipe with extension, banks, and a ledge that runs from the top level down to the second level. ADA-compliant access and stairs provide access to the upper level of the park. 

The upper level is wide open for warming up, flat skating, and performing technical tricks. This level features unique skateable art pieces, a bank to ledge, a china bank with hip, and varying flat ledge and flat rail setups. 

There is an additional entrance to this level and the snake run and bowl areas as you enter from the north side of the parking lot via sidewalk and stairs. Combining public input and survey data, Team Pain designed a two-level bowl with a waterfall, five corners, and two hips. 

It is 5 1/2 to 6 feet tall in the shallow end and 9 feet tall in the deep end featuring tile and pool coping all the way around. The snake run starts at the upper level and winds down the side of the park through a 4 to 5-foot elevation change featuring five different hips to hit, ending in a 6-foot deep bowl with extensions on both sides. 

Public input helped shape the snake run based on the flow and speed desires of local park users.

Woodstock Skate Park Grand Opening
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